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Modes of Travelling Malaga

Malaga -- the famous Spanish city is perhaps one of the oldest in the world. Currently being the sixth-largest city of Spain, it habitats not more than 600,000 people. Being rich in both cultural and historical aspect, it is a popular tourist destination. Malaga is also known to enjoy a comfortable and a wonderful subtropical weather. The city is also adorned with crystalline beaches and great activities. Malaga has already received a world-class city status and the airport of Malaga receives flights from almost all cities in the world.

By Air

It is very easy to reach Malaga airport. You can book a flight to any major European air-port such as Paris Orgy or London-Heathrow. From almost all major European cities, there is a flight directly to Malaga airport. From North America and other American cities also, there are a number of direct flights to the airport to Malaga.

Choose a good airline like Lufthansa or British Airways, from a European city to Malaga. From major airports in Europe, it does not take much time with a reputed airline to reach Malaga. Like a pure air flights from London Heathrow airport to Malaga has an estimated travel time of 3.5 hours.

After reaching Malaga airport you can reach the city by using train, bus, taxi or Service. Both train and bus services can be accessed easily and the first service starts somewhere as early as 7 AM in the morning. The service continued to midnight.

By Land

For traveling by land from the West, you will need to travel south words by car along high A2 if you are coming from somewhere near Portugal. The highway changes to A22 if you start to head east and then the highway will change to A-49 and will make you reach Spain. You'll need to circle around Seville in order to reach highway A-92. Heading towards Southeast you will merge with A-46. The highway A-46 is aptly named Autovia de Malaga.

You are traveling from somewhere in North you have to play along highway A4 which is also known as Autovia del sol. The highway runs amid Madrid metropolitan all the way to Grenada. Before reaching Grenada you will need to merge with A-92 by turning west wards. A-92 or Autopista de las Pe and will directly lead to Malaga.

By Train

A number of roads connect Malaga two different parts of Spain and Europe. You can travel with Eurail and reach Malaga easily. All information about Eurail connectivity and other train services within Spain and from outside Spain are available on Internet.

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Ways to Have the Best Honeymoon Experience in Spain

Statically, Spain happens to be the second most visited country after France. Visiting Spain does not always have to do with extraordinary cuisine, Sun and beach. Spain is also about heritage and rich culture. Spain can be an ideal place to restart the journey of your life. The tranquil and relaxing environment is good enough to spend a honeymoon here. Though there are a lot of places where you can go for a honeymoon in cites of Spain but a little research will make this special time in your life crave for more.

For planning a honeymoon in Spain you need a computer that has Internet access. Search the Internet for honeymoon venues and for better options, use the Internet to find everything that is possible to find about the country. If you want, speak to your local travel agent so that he can suggest some narrow choices which will help you in taking a more informed decision.

Take your time and find out one region in Spain where you want to focus. Since Spain has different things in different region you may feel overwhelmed but if you focus on one region, you can heavily cut down on expensive and travelers timing. It is important that you and your counterpart experience the favor of area and spend a lot of time knowing each other rather than getting into any unnecessary journey.

Once you have decided on the venue, search for a good place to stay. Though you'll find a number of resorts but the best idea would be looking for a villa that is situated amid nature. Privacy is extremely important when you are on a honeymoon trip to Spain. A private and self catering villa will allow you and your partner to spend enormous time together whether you lie on the sun terrace or cook a meal together. You will not have to unnecessary meet people regarding room service or any other need. If your budget constrained, look for a villa that is situated inland. We can have a list of options on the Internet itself.

The next step involves planning things to do in the region of your stay. Check out local listings like events, sports, fiestas, bullfights, Flamenco dancing and other festivals. With all the information that you would have gathered, make a schedule and accordingly make the reservations. Make sure you have plenty of time to Rome around and invent a new life ahead.

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Walking Camino De Santiago


The Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage primarily taken by Christians. T surged the pilgrimage concludes at the Cathedral that is present in Santiago de Compostela. The route of this very important pilgrimage and it stretches from southern France to northern Spain and covers almost 300 miles. You do not necessarily have to take this journey for religious reasons, and you can just enjoy working on this route. It is a magnificent route that's a lot of people take in order to discover the natural side of country. This countryside also has countless cultural and historical attractions.

Though this journey can also be taken by car or bicycle but most of the people like to travel this age-old power by foot. Make sure that they luggage you carry is actually a rucksack so that you do not feel heavy throughout the walking tour. Purchasing a guidebook can always be handy in understanding and getting a brief overview of what you would expect from the place. You may probably want to keep the guidebook along with you so that you can refer it whenever you want. These guidebooks are easily available from online bookstores.

There are various routes that can be walked depending on how far you would like to walk. First thing before taking the walk is obtaining a Credecial. A credecial is essentially a logbook that indicates all the places and routes that have you been. The credecial are available at a very nominal fee and you can get it from tourist agencies that are present in Spain. You can also get them from churches that are present on the route or from the nearest organization that you find to the St. James.

You can begin your journey anywhere around the ancient route. Make sure that you follow the well marked shell symbols and you will automatically get the Camino way. It would be better if you walk with other pilgrims. You can have a splendid view at the ancient cathedral, the modern cities and beautiful Spanish countryside. The journey allows you to walk over serene plains as well as some rigid mountains. As soon as you arrive the Santiago you'll receive your compostela, certifies that you have visited the pilgrimage. You may continue to walk till Finistere. The Finistere is essentially a cape protruding out into the planted ocean. Though Camino de Santiago can be walked in all seasons, summer remains the most popular choice.

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Travelling Spain on Spanish RAilways

Whether you're traveling to Barcelona, Madrid or Bilbao, Travelling by railways in Spain is an incredible way of seeing this immensely beautiful and diverse country. The article details how you should go about reserving tickets. It is possible to do it all with the help of computer that has Internet access. You'll also need a valid passport for traveling Spain. There are unlimited options that Spain railway system offers and therefore you can make your trip really affordable and worthy by traveling on Spanish railways.

You can easily make train reservations by calling Rail Europe. The way to do phone booking requires dialing (877) 257-2887. You can either make your reservations on phone or you may also visit Rail Europe website. Before you leave the United States, you can also purchase a flexing pass which offers unlimited travel for 3 to 10 consecutive days and is valid for over two months.

An alternative way of traveling Spain using its real service is by purchasing a Spain's Renfe railways ticket online. You can do this by visiting the company's website. You will be able to register and browse for fares and then make your final reservation. Services on the website are offered in English and for citizens of the US it is very easy to navigate the site. You can make your reservations online and also pay for the tickets through a credit card.

Another way of traveling Spain, especially from Madrid to Seville and Cordoba is by using high-speed AVE train. This can be the best experience on Spanish rail system as a service is very quick and if you are willing to pay a small supplement you can use the rail Pass also.

It is recommended that you start most of your journey with Spanish train system that starts from Madrid in Spain. Madrid supposed to be the hub of rail transport that the country has. Most of the rail service and rail routes are linked to Madrid since it is central part of the country.

While traveling in any of the rail services that Spain offers, you can find beautiful rolling meadows, breathtaking beaches and snowy peaks in Spain. Getting to discovered them all and experiencing diverse terrains and the weather that also varies region to region can be quite thrilling. Traveling in Spanish railways may lead you to encounter different climatic conditions as they travel from one destination to other. Make sure you pack your bags accordingly.

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Wire Transfer Money In Spain: An Useful means of getting and sending money during travel

There may be a number of circumstances you will need to wire money to Spain. It can be to your landlord for a vacation rental payment in advance or other necessities such as a child needing extra cash for studies or traveling. Wiring money to Spain is an easy but an expensive process. Along with the charges that will be required to change your dollars and to Euros, a wire service or bank may also charge a transaction fees subjecting to international wire transfer. It important for you to compare transaction charges and exchange rates with a few different banks and wire services so that you can make out the best possible deal.

For wiring money to Spain it is important that you possess a credit card, a banking account, banking information that is required for Spanish recipient and complete name and address of the recipient that is present in Spain. Only after determining which kind of wire transfer will suit you best for you and all your purpose should you get involved in wire transferring your money to Spain.

In case you are transferring the money to Spain for a business or to a Spanish resident then it is possible to transfer the money directly from your account to Spanish town. Direct bank transfer will cost you minimum and it can also be a quick option. In US, most of the bands like Bank of America, Citibank and Wells Fargo allow you to directly by your money and international account.

In case you are wiring money to an individual who does not possess a Spanish bank account then you can use wire services like Xoom and Western Union Money transfer to send funds to Spain. In such a service, you'll either have to drop the funds at the local office in your area and the process allows the recipient to collect the same amount from the same service agent's office that is present in Spain. In such a service a photo identification proof and passport is inevitable for receiving the money. These companies may keep a photocopy of your ID card with themselves. Choose a company that can provide international wire transfer local branches in different regions of Spain. These branches should number at least a dozen in one city. For instance, Western Union has about 50 offices in Barcelona alone.

It is important that the receipt of the proof of wire transfer is retained. In case of any problem, this receipt is going to be of a lot of use. Wire services may charge a substantially higher amount as fee for transfer of funds to Spain so it is important that you first contact your local bank for wire transferring service.

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Obtaining Driving License in Span as a Foreigner

A foreign resident in Spain have to possess a valid driving license that is issued to them from some other EU country or a fresh Spanish driving license can also be issued to you if you do not have a EU country driving License. In case you do not possess a license, you can go for driving test in Spain.

Assuming that you already possess a valid license that have been issued to you from another EU country, you can take your present driving license to DGT (local traffic office in Spain) and exchange it for a Spanish driving license. You also need to carry along your present driving license along with its copy, your residency card or certificates along with its copy and two passport sized photographs. You may also need your passport along with its copy.

As soon as you arrive at the DGT office, stand in the queue at "Informacion" line and when your turn comes, you can request for the necessary forms that are required to submit an application for license. These forms would include an application form that is called Solicitud de Canje del Permiso de Conduccion and the form will be in white and blue writing. You will also need forms for stating a number of reasons that would affect your license. You will also need to declare that you are not banned to drive in your home country. This form will be called Declaracion Jurada. Another important form that you will need in order to a sample signature along with a fixing a passport size photo will be called Talon Foto.

After your paperwork is complete, you can stand in the cashier’s line and pay the required fee for generation of new license. Most probably you will be charged €26. You'll then need to stand in the final queue and present your paperwork there. If everything falls in the correct place you will be provided a receipt and will be asked to wait for the phone call which will detail you with the time and date when you will have to come to DGT office again for the last and final step of swapping your own license in turn of the new one. Some DGT offices may also function in different manner and exchange your own license and provide you with a temporary one. This license will be valid until the new one is obtained by you by post.

In case you do not possess the license which is valid in Spain, you can go for driving test in Spain. This will inculcate three parts which will be a theoretical exam, a medical and on road driving test. Spain possesses a number of driving academies and you can ask for lessons in English also.

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